Audio Professionals

Professional, bespoke audio is the perfect accompaniment to your video content, app, game or website. From sound mix to soundtrack to sound design; well produced audio can add unique appeal and character to your content.

At Cutscene Media, we offer a range of audio production services to suit any film, radio, video or web project and budget. From full score composition for film, games and television to bespoke sound design and a variety of post-production services including mixing and mastering, voiceover recording, 16 track location recording and sourcing library music.

Composition & Sound Design

In a space which is increasingly dominated by cheap, rights free library music, a bespoke soundtrack will really make your video, game, film or app stand out. Whether you need a theme song or a full orchestral score, Cutscene Media can provide exactly what you need.

Sound Design has become a part of everything we do and experience from our phones, tablets and favourite apps to radio ads and physical installations in museums and visitor centres. Cutscene Media’s experience of a wide variety of sound design and Foley could apply to your project in ways you hadn’t even considered.

Jack B. Nimble

Define Intervention

Bit Socket – TV Pilot

Post Production & Mastering

Audio post production is a very important step in the creation of a professional finished product. Dialogue mixing, audio restoration and mastering for music and audio are just some of services Cutscene Media can offer. With access to professional audio software and high end outboard equipment and plugins, Cutscene Media can provide an audio mix which enhances the quality of your content.

Cutscene Media also offer 16 track in-house or location recording for everything from voiceovers to podcasts to live events.

Sourcing Library Music

For the times you may not have the budget or timescale to commission a full bespoke piece of music, library music may be your next best option. Cutscene Media can help you source the right soundtrack in the right style for your project, with access to our own library of compositions as well as some of the biggest and best music libraries available.