NYOS Road to the BBC Proms 2016

NYOS Road to the BBC Proms 2016

“It has truly been a landmark year for The National Youth Orchestras of Scotland (NYOS), with NYOS Symphony Orchestra and NYOS Jazz Orchestra invited to give stand-alone performances at the BBC Proms in 2016. That’s two performances, in two different genres, for one youth arts organisation.”

Cutscene Media were recently commissioned by NYOS (The National Youth Orchestras of Scotland) to create two behind the scenes films documenting two of their orchestras performances at the 2016 BBC proms.  Due to copyright restrictions on BBC footage of the proms, we decided to catch up with the NYOS Symphony and Jazz Orchestras during their pre-Proms summer tour and film a concert and some interviews with each of them. Our short films capture some of the feelings and excitement about going to the proms as well as partial performances from both orchestras.

After the proms performance, the BBC kindly provided us with video and audio clips of the final proms performance that we were able to integrate into the films. The end product was effective as we were not only able to show the moment itself, but the build up, giving a feel for the hard work of NYOS outside of the proms and the importance of the event for everyone involved.

A short behind the scenes film can really delve into the process of creating event, but it can also document it’s importance and showcase the organisation and work behind behind the finished product.

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