Video Production Specialists

When it comes to communication, video is quickly becoming the most important and influential digital medium. If you want to engage your audience, video content gets your message across succinctly, efficiently and with style.

At Cutscene Media, we specialise in video production to cover a range of needs. If you want to promote yourself, your brand or your product, nothing says it better than a professionally produced video.

Cutscene Media 2016 Showreel


If you have a product, service or event to publicise, a short promotional video is invaluable. With a well-placed video on YouTube or Facebook, you can reach the widest audiences possible.

Promotional videos can take a number of forms, for example; a recipe video can help promote food and drink products, or some stylised shots could be the ideal way to promote your establishment. At Cutscene Media, our team can help you find the best way to promote your products and services. Or perhaps you have an idea yourself? We can help to ensure that your idea is presented in the best way possible. Below are some examples of our recent promotional video content.

Membership Promo Ad for Edinburgh Filmhouse

The Edinburgh Gin Distillery

Client Case Study for FreeAgent

Events Coverage

Events coverage can be an important promotional tool as well as a way of capturing something you can show to potential sponsors and promoters.

Recording an event as it happens is also an effective and simple way of documenting an event for posterity or future use. Cutscene Media has several years of experience covering a variety of live events and exhibitions for a number of diverse clients.

Tastival 2015 Coverage for Whyte & Mackay

Pokkén Tournament Coverage for Nintendo UK

Highlight Reel for Glasgow Film Festival 2016

Music Videos

Nothing compliments a piece of music quite like a visually striking video. If you’re an artist or band looking to promote your music, or perhaps an upcoming tour, Cutscene Media can help you reach a wider audience with a dynamic, exciting music video. Whatever your style, we can work together to create a video that’s right for you and your music.

Kid Canaveral – First We Take Dumbarton

Tuff Love – That’s Right

Rubberbandits – Hey Mister

Video as Communication

If you need to get an important message out to a large group of people; a user base, subscribers, shareholders, or even your own staff, sometimes an email just isn’t going to cut it. A short, well prepared video will help ensure your message is heard. As you can see from some of our examples below, the application of video as communication can be as broad and dynamic as your project requires.

Burns Monument Restoration for National Trust for Scotland


For projects that require a more personal and in depth look into their creative processes and development, you may want to consider a documentary style video. This can come in the form of behind the scenes coverage of a show, attraction or event, or a more detailed look at a particular subject. Documentary can also be a useful tool for showing to potential or existing sponsors.

Bollywood Love Story Documentary for The Edinburgh Mela